Coach Park Hang - Traces Of Park Hang Seo In Vietnamese Football Park Hang-seo facts

Park Hang-seo, a South Korean citizen, is one of the most influential football in Vietnam’s history, leading the national football team khổng lồ victories. 

From finishing 2nd in the 2018 AFC U-23 Championship, and winning the AFF Championship: 2018, khổng lồ sealing the long-anticipated championship title at the 2019 SEA Games, Park Hang-seo has proved to lớn the world that Vietnam’s football team is a force khổng lồ be reckoned with.

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Here are some interesting facts about Park Hang-seo, the man behind the success & trophies of the Vietnam National Football Team. 

1. Park Hang-seo didn’t major in football

Image credit: The Thao 247 One thing that Park Hang-seo has in with legendary Portuguese José Mourinho is that he didn’t have a professional education in football.

Image credit: The Thao 247 

While attending Hanyang University, he didn’t major in sports, reports Bong da 24h. Nonetheless, he excelled as an amateur football player và was into the national football team for the Under-20 squad in 1978.

2. He had a rough time before moving khổng lồ Vietnam

Guus Hiddink & Park Hang-seoImage credit: Lao Dong

During his career in South Korea, Park Hang-seo had achieved major success.  In the 2002 FIFA World Cup, he was the assistant of Guus Hiddink, manager of South Korea in the 2002 FIFA World Cup tournament. He also helped his football teams achieve great results in the K-League Challenge some years later.

Nonetheless, his career plunged to lớn some low points a few years before he moved khổng lồ Vietnam. In fact, he had to tìm kiếm for job opportunities in mainland China.

He left Gyeongnam FC in 2007 due to an internal, & resigned because of his team – Chunnam Dragons’ poor performances in 2010. He tried to lớn with representatives in trung quốc with the hope of pursuing a career there, but didn’t succeed.

Image credit: Thanh Nien

Humbled by his multiple failures in the past, Park once told VTV, “Vanity và fame will eventually vanish into smoke some day. That’s why I never on past glory.”

3. His wife changed his mind about Southeast Asia

Mrs Park watching her husband on the pitchImage credit: Saostar

Seeing her husband obsessing over his china endeavors, Mr Park’s wife, Choi Sang-a, who across as a meek and domestic housewife, was determined lớn change his mind.

She asked him why he didn’t an alternative location for his future – for instance, Southeast Asia. However, Mr Park rejected the idea because he was not familiar with the football scene there.

Image credit: 2sao to lớn Mr Park, his wife said, “Your dream is lớn beyond the borders of South Korea. Since you’re already advanced in years now, let’s see this as the final challenge in your career & go.”

She even gave him the liên hệ of a savvy football middle-man named Lee Dong-jun. He was familiar with the Southeast Asian region and help him land a job there.To make sure that he gave Southeast Asia a shot, she gave him the phone và made him gọi Mr Lee on the spot. 

4. His job offer exceeded his wildest imagination

Image credit: dẻo Doan Ket

After speaking with the only he had in Southeast Asia’s football arena, Park never heard from Mr Lee again until 1 year later.

This time, Mr Lee called Mr. Park and asked if he was willing khổng lồ the Vietnamese national football team. Needless lớn say, Mr Park was shocked by the offer. He was simply looking for a job in a small-scale club, not a’s largest football team.

Knowing nothing about Vietnam’s football, Mr. Park was overwhelmed with anxiety in the beginning. His fears intensified after finding out that no foreign football who had to lớn Vietnam had lasted over 8 months. 

Image credit: láng Đá 24h

While he was still hesitating, Doan Nguyen Duc, Vietnam’s most famous football manager and founder of Hoang Anh Gia Lai – Arsenal JMG Academy, visited him in South Korea a few days later.

Park Hang-seo in his 1st signing with the Vietnam Football Federation in 2017Image credit: Dan Tri

With his passion for Vietnam’s football, Doan Nguyen Duc Mr Park to sign the agreement in October 2017. 

Image credit: Lao Dong

Nonetheless, the man who later became Vietnam’s most famous football nhân vật set the goal of surviving in the for just 1 year.

Park Hang-seo in his extending ceremony in 2019Image credit: Vietnamnet

Obviously, he more than met his goal, for his achievements had outlived his expectations. His pre-eminence in teaching, inspiring, & devising strategies has brought Vietnam unprecedented results on the global football pitches.

For this reason, his was renewed on 7th November 2019. 

5. He prays on matchdays

Image credit:

Unbeknownst lớn many, Park is a devout Methodist Christian who joins weekly church services in Hanoi. He is also among the very few of Vietnam football teams who pray in public places, before and during matches.

Image credit: Giao Viet Nam

When he first joined the Vietnamese national football team, the sight of him praying with eyes closed was often mistaken as an act of dozing off. There was a time when local press even dubbed him “Mr Sleeper”.

Image credit: Giao Viet Nam

Upon learning that he is religious, many Vietnam-based Catholic and Christian websites have published devotionals & articles about his inspirational journey.

6. “ Terminator”

* Indra Sjafri lost his job after Indonesia’s team lost the championship lớn Vietnam at the 30th SEA Games in 2019Image credit: website The Park’s victories didn’t just bring joy to local football fans. With them often came the termination of employment for his opponents – many of whom were notable football

After losing critical games to lớn Park Hang-seo’s football team, including Bert van Marwijk, Sirisak Yodyadthai, và Indra Sjafri were fired in the aftermath.

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His former manager, Guus Hiddink, also lost his job after the U23 Vietnam Team defeated his team,U23 China, 2-0. 

Park Hang-seo & Guus HiddinkImage credit: web The Thao

Speaking of the situation, Park Hang-seo said that he had remarkable respect for Guus Hiddink & saw him as a teacher.

Because of his impressive of making his rival sacked, he was given the nickname “ Terminator” by local football fans.

7. His influence helped Vietnam’s tourism sector prosper

Image credit: Ngoi Sao

Park Hang-seo started attracting truyền thông attention back trang chủ in 2018 when he had a national phenomenon in Vietnam. Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), the national South Korean television network, even made a documentary about him.

For this reason, a large majority of South Koreans grew interested in visiting Vietnam. 

KBS giving Mr Park a campaign medal
Image credit: Lao Dong

In 2018, Vietnam a number of 3.4 million visitors from South Korea, making up over a quarter of total international arrivals. In the 1st half of 2019, Vietnam saw 1.11 million visitors from South Korea, up 24.1% to lớn the previous year. Park must have been thrilled to lớn know that he birthed the Vietnamese Wave and to the regional popularity of Vietnam as a tourist destination.

8. The South Korean government changed the rules because of him

The Vietnamese national football team’s after placing 2nd in the 2018 AFC U23 ChampionshipImage credit: Vn

In every match played by the Vietnamese national football team, the South Korean flag is often seen raised alongside Vietnamese flag in honor of Mr Park’s nationality. We often spot the flag flying high at nationwide victory celebrations too.

Park Hang-seo, a South Korean citizen, is one of Vietnam’s most influential figuresImage credit: Ngoi Sao

Park Hang-seo’s influence on the football pitch soon caught the eyes of people in high places, including the President of South Korea himself – on behalf of the highest echelons of the government.

Impressed by Vietnamese people’s love for Park, South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced a 5-year visa (C-3) khổng lồ Vietnamese citizens from Hanoi, Saigon, & Danang making short-term visits lớn South Korea. khổng lồ the policy, these citizens can apply for multiple entry visas to South Korea with a period of up to lớn 30 days for 5 years, with an unlimited number of exits. 

This announcement was made on 26th November 2018 và became effective on 3rd December 2018. 

Park Hang-seo and South Korean President Moon Jae-inImage credit: Lao Dong

This change in visa rules is a historic one. Vietnam was the first in Southeast Asia to lớn be offered this visa deal.

9. He’s extremely meticulous

Caption says, “I think Duc is wearing Vietnamese flag the wrong way.”Image credit: YAN

Mr Park is known to have a sharp eye for detail, on và off the field. However, it was not until a recent incident that his meticulousness caused waves on the Internet.

On 26th May, a đoạn clip surfaced on social truyền thông media showing Mr Park his footballer for wearing his face mask upside down. Every footballer’s face mask was imprinted with the image of the Vietnamese flag, và Mr Park thought that the star was rotated.

Image credit: YAN

However, after pulling the mask off footballer Hoang Duc’s face, Mr Park realized that he was mistaken & made an apologetic gesture.

He went as far as checking everyone’s face to make sure that their masks were worn right & that the star of the Vietnamese flag was where it should be.

His actions have won the hearts of many netizens, who praised him for his appreciation of the that he was representing.

10. King of memes

Image credit: Aseanfootball

If Park uses the Internet và is able to lớn read Vietnamese, he would be amazed to lớn find that he’s the inspiration of various memes that have gone viral. 

Image credit: sang trọng Đoàn Park doesn’t only fascinate football fans with his ingenious tactics, but also his facial expressions và reactions – they trend on social truyền thông in the khung of và memes.

Caption: “I can’t turn summer into winter, but I can turn tonight into a storm.” Image credit: 24h 

In this adorable chibi meme of Park, the caption makes a reference to lớn “storming” or “đi bão” – referring khổng lồ local fans’ post-match celebrations as they take to the streets with flags và chant victory slogans.

From photoshopped images of his expressions khổng lồ anime posters, Park Hang-seo memes in all shapes & sizes.

Park Hang-seo fans celebrate Vietnam’s Teacher’s Day in this celebratory drawingImage credit: Bong Da 

Understanding Park Hang-seo

Many rival whose teams have with Team Vietnam have claimed that they had researched Park Hang-seo’s tactics thoroughly và understand his Achilles’ heel. & yet, most of them ended up seeing Park’s football team winning, playing better, và going higher.

The games that the Vietnamese national football team have won go lớn show that Park Hang-seo’s leadership triumphs were no fluke, but a result of genuine talents & perseverance.

We wish him all the best in his efforts to lớn take our national team higher on the global stage.

Also check out: image adapted from: Bao da Nang and The Thao 247 

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Korean football Park Hang-seo speaks to lớn reporters at Incheon International Airport, west of Seoul, after ending a five-year run as head of the Vietnamese men"s national team, Feb. 14. Yonhap
Former Vietnam men"s national football head Park Hang-seo remained critical of Korea"s selection process for their new men"s team bench quái dị this week, saying a Korean should be in charge.Park returned to Korea on Tuesday evening for a brief stay in his native, following the over of a successful five-year run with Vietnam last month. He was scheduled to vì chưng some shooting for a television program Wednesday và fly back lớn Vietnam on Thursday.Park first raised eyebrows during an online interview with the Korean truyền thông on Jan. 17, with his criticism of the Korea Football Association"s appointment of Michael Muller as head of the National Team The German executive is responsible for finding the new head for the men"s national team here. With a foreign national at the helm, the expectation is that a foreign-born will take over the bench for Korea to succeed Paulo Bento, who led Korea lớn the round of 16 at last year"s FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
Michael Muller, new head of the National Team for the Korea Football Association (KFA), speaks at his introductory press at the KFA House in Seoul, Jan. 11. Yonhap
Park had said in January that he didn"t think Muller would know much about Korean candidates and said the German wouldn"t be able to get an accurate picture of capable homegrown just by looking at data.Park, who was Korea"s assistant at the 2002 FIFA World Cup, that he doesn"t know every little detail about how Korea"s national team programs operate because he"d been away for so long. He also said his son "" him for running his mouth.And yet, speaking to lớn reporters at Incheon International Airport on Tuesday evening, Park said his opinion on Muller"s appointment had not changed."I still believe a Korean person should be the head of the National Team," Park said. "I don"t have the power khổng lồ make personnel decisions, but I don"t believe the cài đặt at the is appropriate."Park, 64, said he feels like he has enough left in his tank khổng lồ for two or three more years. But it won"t be in Vietnam or in Korea."I just finished in Vietnam, & so it won"t be right khổng lồ go back there as," Park said. "In Korea, younger are doing a great job. But if I have an offer from a third other than Korea & Vietnam, I will think about it, depending on the position." (Yonhap)
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